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LiteGear® Smartbags. Get Out Again with Security and Power

Backpacks that add to your Covid security: these are the biggest development in bags in a generation.


Palm Springs, CA – December 2021 – Everyone wants to feel safer in this time of pandemic, hurricanes, power outages, cancelled flights and risky returns to work and school, so backpack designer Magi Raible launched an Indigogo campaign to do something about it. Drawing from her career developing bags and backpacks for premium brands like the North Face, Kiva and others, she developed a new class of Smart Backpacks to provide security for her family and friends. Now, with this Indigogo campaign, they will be available to everyone. Magi’s Smart Backpacks have 11 safety features for today’s world, including on-the-go power for you’re your phone to help you avoid sharing air (and viruses) at public USB ports, Bluetooth® anti-theft security, lost phone finding, LED lighting, RIFD protection, a connected smartphone app, and much more. Help make Magi’s dream come true by supporting her Indigogo campaign. Move fast and you can get your bag by Christmas. 


Magi’s LiteGear Mobile Pro and Dash Smart Backpacks are not available in any store and have a unique collection of features to make you and your loved ones safer. They are sleekly designed to be ideal for work and school and meet airline travel requirements. They’re also the sustainable choice. The fabric of the bags is made with 100% recycled plastic bottles and the electronic system uses patented Long-Life Technology™ to outlive 7-10 regular battery systems and be easily recyclable years from now.  Features Include:


• Touch-Sensor Smart Console: For remote display of battery power and easy access to all functions. Don’t ever dig through your bag to find a battery again. You’ll access everything with a few touches of the Joey Console high up in your bag. 

• Phone Charging Power: Add up to 25 hours of talk time to your phone. 

• Charge Timer: Need to share some power with friends or family? The countdown timer gives them plenty of power to get home and then automatically shuts off, so you don’t unnecessarily drain your battery. 

• Bluetooth® Distance Alarm: Accidentally leave your bag behind? A phone alarm sounds. Accidentally leave your phone behind? The bag alarm sounds. Someone tries to take your bag? Both alarms sound. 

• Bluetooth® Find Phone: Everyone misplaces their phone in their home or office, some do so everyday! Find it with a touch of a button in the bag. 

• Juice Jacking Protection: Police agencies around the world warn against using public USB ports as criminals hack them to infect your phone with viruses. The virus blocker and data firewall will protect your phone if you need to plug into a public USB port.

• Digital Clock: Most people don’t wear watches; this bright, light up clock is always there for you and automatically updates in new time zones. 

• LED Task Lighting: It can be hard to see your stuff in low light! Use this bright LED light to find things in your bag or find something you dropped in the dark. A lifesaver in Uber’s and on airplanes.

• Dual Charging: Plug your phone into Joey and Joey into the wall outlet. The computer in Joey makes sure both are charged overnight.

• Ring: Ring your bag from your phone. 

• RIFD Protection: Protects your credit cards, passport and drivers license with special shielding.


Our Kickstarter Campaign:

Magi Raible inspires people to travel by designing innovative, lightweight gear built to deliver reliable performance, while offering minimal environmental impact and maintaining her commitment to keep as many single-use plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans as possible – over 1.5 million to date.


To learn more about Magi Raible and LiteGear Bags visit


Magi Raible, CEO & Creative Director, 707.319.7371

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