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For Cognitive and Mobility Needs and other Adaptive Needs

This bag has a special, built-in secret to keep you from leaving it behind, power for your smartphone and even in-bag LED lighting!


             "The Dash backpack makes travel easier for both of us, I know I have an alarm on my phone if he leaves it behind."

                                                                   - Joyce, Palm Beach, FL


The sleek Dash backpack was created by travel industry legend Magi Raible to get you, or you and your loved one, traveling again with confidence.


Sized for carry-on, this very spacious backpack is ideal for everything you need for your flight, with room for backup clothing in case your luggage is delayed. Carry the bag with you when you go out for a day of exploring to bring a sweater, umbrella, water bottle and snacks. Use the bag to shop for treasures and gifts to bring back home with you.


The ideal all-around travel bag it includes a Joey T3 to provide the adaptive features you need:


- Very simple phone app connects an invisible "Bluetooth leash" to the bag to help you avoid leaving the bag behind by accident. Often the app is put on a caregiver's phone so they can be alerted within a few feet if the bag is left behind in a restaurant or at an airport gate.


- Bluetooth Leash from the App helps protect belongings on wheelchairs or scooters. Alarm rings on phone if the bag is stolen.


- Built-in power for smartphones, iPads, noise-cancelling headphones and health devices such as insulin pumps and fibromyalgia heat pads. 


- Phone power sharing with spouses, family, caregivers and friends through the charge timer. 


- Protects against computer viruses invading your phone if you use public USB ports.


- In-bag LED lighting. Easy-read Travel Clock that updates itself when you change time zones.


- Easy to use in-bag touch-control Console for all features. Designed for comfortable use even with arthritis


- RIFD security pocket protects your personal documents


- Conveniently fits under most airplane seats or in overhead bins


- Soft, padded top handle


- Made of recycled polyester


- 16" x 12" x 7"


Get yourself, or you and your loved one, traveling again with confidence!

Dash Pack - Travel Backpack

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