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For Cognitive and Mobility Needs and other Adaptive Needs

10 adaptive features to help you or a loved one travel again! 

Regularly $395 - Special Spring Sale at $288! Special during intro $288!


"My wife has retained her fashion sensibilities even as her memory has declined, she loves it."

                                                                  - Steve, Seattle, WA


The gorgeous Como Hobo bags created by fashion designer Tara Sauvage use top quality Italian leather and hardware to bring high-end fashion style and 10 adaptive features to help those with cognitive and mobility needs travel and live every day with confidence!


This Roomy leather satchel features two chunky fashion zippers with oversized fashion pullers for arthritic hands. The zippers unzip and expand the bag to show matching suede trim bottom. Full Grain Premium Italian Leather. Inside zippered security pocket and cell phone holder. 


Adaptive features include:


- Bluetooth® Leash - for users or caregivers, to help avoid leaving the bag behind during travel, at airports, on buses, trains and taxis, eating out or using a wheelchair or scooter.


- Bluetooth® Find Phone - Find lost phones in the house or hotel room with the touch of a button. 


- Built-in Smartphone Power - to keep your phone, tablet, noise-cancelling headphones and other devices going through your trip or through your day.


- Charge Timer - to share power with spouses, partners, family and friends. 


- Health Device Power - USB power output to health devices such as insulin pumps and arthritis and fibromyalgia heat pads.


- Adult-friendly Smartphone App - very easy to use app connects the bag to your, or a loved one's, phone to help provide anti-theft security via Bluetooth®.


- Stanford inspired ergonomic touch controls for easy use, even with arthritis.


- In bag LED-Lighting and an auto-setting, easy-read, global travel clock.


- Firewall to protect you from malware and ransomeware if you choose to use public USB ports.


- Long-Life™ Joey Technology for years of service. 




Contact us with questions!

Rocco & Dante Brand - Como Hobo Bag Adapt™ - For Cognitive or Mobility

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